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Mediumship is something you're born with true or false?

Been listening to Tyler Henry's audiobook which then lead me down a rabbit hole of John Holland and John Edward interviews. There are a lot of varying opinions about mediumship. Some feel everyone has the ability they just need to practice but honestly most of the top mediums feel you must be born with it, that psychic intuition we are all born with but not everyone has the ability to connect with the dead. Here's my take, I'm not sure. But, one thing I do know for sure is that being a medium comes with a huge amount of responsibility. Knowing who to bring through and when based on the needs of the client is of paramount importance if your aim is to only be helpful and to do no harm. I once had a client's Father show me the electrical chord he used to beat her with (I always ask them to show me something concrete to let the client know it's really them). He wanted to apologize and have a moment of healing. I however sensed it was not the right time for the client so I did not bring him through. Plus, she had not asked for mediumship only Tarot. At the end of the session she asked if I did mediumship and when I said yes she got a far away look in her eye and said she'd like to do that "sometime". I was right in knowing she wasn't ready that day. What are your thoughts? Born this way or can be learned?

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