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APRIL 2017 *FREE* Mini 10-15min Astrology reading with EVERY paid Tarot reading!

*FREE* Mini 10-15min Astrology reading with every paid Tarot reading!!! >FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL 2017 ONLY< All April videos will be released by 4/2 (this weekend). You MUST watch your YouTube video for your sun, moon and rising sign (if you know your time of birth) AND must give me the promo code from the YouTube videos at the time of reading purchase/booking. Go to YouTube and type in Jami Cheshire (two words with a space in between), there you will find a link to help you calculate your sun, moon and/or rising sign.

Or, use this link to go to my channel then click "VIDEOS" to see all of my videos:

The mini astrology reading will cover aspects in your chart of my choosing that will be dictated to me by my Guides. Remember, my Guides talk to YOUR Guides and we are ALL conspiring at all times for your greatest good!! Also, I do Skype, facetime, Facebook video messenger and plain old speaker phone (which many people actually prefer). Thanks again & BE AWESOME ALWAYS! Jami

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