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Make America nice again!

I feel called to be more compassionate than ever. Things seem to be heating up as collective fear appears to be taking over. Yesterday I glanced to my right and caught my coworker silently shedding tears. Her political & religious beliefs are opposite of mine. She plays her music too loud & regularly offers me unsolicited advice. I checked in with myself. What is my true authentic desire in this moment? I'm not big on "are you ok?" which always feels like such a broad question. So, I brought God in. I then thanked my coworker for going out of her way to make me feel welcomed (in HER own way) at my new job site & explained that she had a huge impact on helping me to get settled with her warmth & friendliness. She looked at me kinda dumbfounded then explained her Father was being rushed to the ED & she was just trying to get a her accounts wrapped up real quick (she's new & worried about productivity). I offered to round for her & promised to say some prayers & I also said "just know I may not pray the way you pray" & she said she'd take all the help she could get. I didn't care about our differences in that moment. I simply saw another human being suffering & took full advantage of the opportunity to find a way to connect with & love her in that moment. That's all.

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