What They’re Saying


"Jami is a beautiful conduit for spirit communication. She has gracefully brought amazingly helpful information to the surface that I had subconsciously been ignoring for too long! She has helped me understand the ebbs and flows of life as they effect me through good and bad experiences and she relays all of the information with an extraordinary sense of hope and positivity. Every reading I have received from her has cleared the clutter of my mind and allowed me to move forward in life with loving purpose!"

Jillian Amann

“Jami is one of the most connected readers I have ever worked with! She is real very funny and tells it like it comes to her! Love that. My Dad and mom came in to send a message, the cards were so relevant and told a clear concise story – her advice was warm and real and not sugar coated! Jami Thank God I found U and thank U so very much. I will treasure this reading!”

Sandra D.

"I had my first reading a few days ago and I was delighted. Jami hit the nail on the head with me! I was able to walk away with some valuable knowledge about some things to pay attention to in the  near future. I also received some reassurance on some decisions I've made recently. You will love Jami! She is witty, funny, accurate and extremely positive! I highly recommend paying a visit to this lovely lady!"

Lesley L.