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What Clients Are Saying

Testimonials: Testimonial


"I went to Jami about a very sensitive medical issue. She was completely accurate and I didn’t even have to say anything. I no longer feel lost and powerless over my body. She's amazing and I know I will schedule future sessions."

~Kym L.

"Jami is the BEST! I have been spiritually guided by Jami for over 4 years and, in the simplest terms, she uncannily knows what's up every time.  Jami has been an amazing intuitive coach! She makes you feel so comfortable it’s like talking to a friend. If you’re looking for a true intuitive psychic reader, then I highly recommend Jami!"

~Mona R.

“Jami’s readings are truly remarkable, accurate and healing. There aren’t a lot of decent psychics in my area so it is really great that Jami is available on Zoom. A reading with Jami was just what I needed to feel like my life is back on track. If you are on the fence about psychics consider this a sign that you should see Jami!”

~Lee F.

"Jami is the BEST! I have been spiritually guided by Zoey for over 5 years and every time I’ve connected with her, either via an intuitive reading, mystic mail, or sound healing, Zoey has been an amazing intuitive coach and guide! If you need some true spiritual guidance, then I highly recommend Zoey!


“Jami is one of the most talented psychic readers that I've ever encountered and what she sees is often reassuring. I went to Jami regarding my health, my job and to see if my father who'd passed away recently would come through. Jami addressed everything and at the end brought through my father. I left her feeling revived in ways I hadn't imagined I could. It was such a blessing to speak with my father again. Her laugh can brighten any day and she is truly a gifted medium and healer. It's been two weeks and much of what Jami predicted has played out in accurate detail. I will be back next month.“

~Carol S.

“I was in charge of a surprise bachelorette party for my best friend in Asheville. I found Jami on Instagram and just knew she’d be a real hit at our gathering. She provided guidance, clarity and healing to all involved. The bride had some family worries on her mind and Jami cleared everything up for her. The wedding was last week and we all couldn’t stop talking about how Jami’s predictions were coming true. She has somehow helped our friendship group feel even tighter. Jami, I don’t think you know exactly how amazing you are! I can’t wait to hire you for my next birthday bash.”

~Mackenzie F.

“I had no idea what to expect as this was my first experience with a psychic and it truly was such an awesome experience. She is very dedicated to connecting with her own intuition and helping you find yours. I love that she kept asking me to check in with myself. I didn’t feel like a stranger was reading me. I felt like a loving friend was helping me find my own way to a higher plane of living. Just incredible!”

~Tara P.

"Jami did readings for myself and three friends. We are all in different states so it was great for all of us to be able to be read together in the same Zoom room. Each reading was dead on! She has a warm energy, an infectious laugh and gave us guidance and messages completely specific to our individual issues. She is the real deal, will be booking again for sure."

~Brooke T.

"Jami is Amazing! My wife and I have been seeing her for the last three years. She is very calm and empathetic and always leaves a smile on our faces. She truly is a rare gem with unique gifts. She brings so many things up without any prompting. Thank you Jami!"

~Robert & Marie M.

"Jami is a beautiful conduit for spirit communication. She has gracefully brought amazingly helpful information to the surface that I had subconsciously been ignoring for too long! She has helped me understand the ebbs and flows of life as they effect me through good and bad experiences and she relays all of the information with an extraordinary sense of hope and positivity. Every reading I have received from her has cleared the clutter of my mind and allowed me to move forward in life with loving purpose."

~Jillian A.

“Jami is one of the most connected readers I have ever worked with! She is real very funny and tells it like it comes to her! Love that. My Dad and mom came in to send a message, the cards were so relevant and told a clear concise story – her advice was warm and real and not sugar coated! Jami Thank God I found U and thank U so very much. I will treasure this reading!”

~Sandra D.

"I had my first reading a few days ago and I was delighted. Jami hit the nail on the head with me! I was able to walk away with some valuable knowledge about some things to pay attention to in the  near future. I also received some reassurance on some decisions I've made recently. You will love Jami! She is witty, funny, accurate and extremely positive! I highly recommend paying a visit to this lovely lady."

~Leslie L.

"I had a wonderful reading with Jami. I received much needed clarity during a troubling time in my life and she offered me a reading that

shed light on things in a way that allowed me to move on with my life. If you're struggling in any way I highly recommend paying

Jami a visit!"

~Camille R.

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