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LOVE this quote from Peter Dinklage (who’s also quoting Samuel Beckett’s famous failure quote). . Some of my greatest “failures” thus far have been my greatest blessings. . Getting into CRNA school & saying no then getting rejected by 3 different ARNP programs has saved me roughly $100k-$150k in student loans when they CANNOT teach me to be a Medical Intuitive which is a rare gift & is something I just AM & is helping ppl in ways I never could have within the current confines of the medical system. . Being denied 3 times for a promotion in my corporate job FORCED me to face the idea that I might be overlooking my current path as a psychic Intuitive as a valid sustainable path that allows me to help people heal as they get better connected to their inner truth. . Being turned down by every reading shop in town as a psychic reader FORCED me to go on YouTube allowing people to get quality FREE YouTube readings from me & allowing clients from all over the globe to find me! . Failing 4th grade math, 8th grade math & 10th grade math all made me even more grateful for my writing abilities & now I’m writing a BOOK! . Losing myself in early adulthood to binge drinking, eating disorders & abusive relationships made me wake up one day and decide with the help from a God of my understanding that if I was going to keep on living, I was going to do so by LIVING BIG & no longer PLAYING SMALL. . Being rejected repeatedly for being too big & refusing to play small has pushed me to say THIS is who I AM, stay or go but I won’t play pretend for anyone anymore. I’m not going back to literally DYING for the approval for others, it’s just too painful and honestly it’s just not FUN 🥳 . Happy Independence Day & I know today is only the 3rd but I encourage you all to have Independence Day as often as possible 💙❤️💙

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