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In honor of the full moon I’m doing a more in depth medical “pick-a-card” today! We’ve got a Law of Attraction card followed by a chakra card indicating which chakra is being most affected today for you & an influencer card above the chakra card for further clarity. Pick a card then swipe left or scroll to get your message. . 1 : A lot of health issues stem from the crummy stories we tell ourselves! Choose a better story BUT the chakra card is the throat chakra so it’s time to speak up. Tell a trusted friend your crummy story so they can SET YOU STRAIGHT, typically the ppl wo love us most can see our truth more clearly than we can. The influencer card is humanity, you have much to offer humanity but you’ve got to start voicing your dreams aloud as there is so much power in the spoken word. Also, our dear full moon is asking you if there’s something you need to set straight with someone? Keeping tight lipped about important issues can turn your relationship into a situationship! . 2 : Thoughts become things, but they must be followed up with ACTION! Do you need to see your doctor, or a medical intuitive like myself or BOTH? I cannot tell you how many patients I’ve taken care of who could have escaped a health crisis by going for a simple checkup. Your chakra is Sacral & your influencer card is empathy. The Sacral chakra is your sexual power center. You don’t have to be sexually active for that to be important. As sexual beings we hold much power in this area of our body. Did someone deceive or betray you in the past? Can you find a way to have forgiveness and maybe even…*gasp*…empathy for the damaged child within who took those actions? The freedom is in the forgiveness. . 3 : I complain a lot about complainers which means I’m a complainer. I got really angry at someone recently and my abdomen swelled until I thought there was a “problem”. The problem was I wouldn’t stop my negative thoughts or complaining, ugh! The chakra card is Third Eye, negativity can block our human viewpoint of the world but also cloud our Third Eye vision and cut off our intuition, the “nightmares” card is almost self-explanatory. The more we complain and speak negativity into the Universe the more we worry and the more we worry the more we manifest actual problems to worry and complain about. Make it goal today to not complain about one single thing, I’ll try it if you will! 

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