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Pink Sandstone
Pink Sandstone


Free Reading, Card of the Day!

Ace of Swords! A brand new beautiful journey after it's been difficult and strifey! How fitting to get an Ace on a Monday (lol!). . As an aside, I'm a huge fan of the movie Shape of Water starring the amazing & my friend gave me this artist's rendering (the photo above the card) of a the scene when these two character's meet as a gift for my Valentine's birthday. . . It's such an amazing non-traditional love story! Then again are any love stories actually 'traditional'? These two end up together but only after it's been difficult & strifey. . How fitting that I draw the Ace of Swords after drawing the Ace of Cups on Saturday. Aces are all about a brand new start & can feel many new chapters beginning in my life how about you? 

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