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Heard this great concept from Brene Brown the other day regarding trust & took some notes. Are you BRAVING your life today? . (Pardon the fact that the notes are crudely written, I was just taking them for myself but decided to share) . DO YOU TRUST YOURSELF? . B: boundaries, clear respected boundaries (do I honor my own boundaries) . R: Reliability, doing what you say you're going to do and not just once, repeatedly, in our working lives reliability means being clear in our limitations so we don't take on so much that we come up short and don't deliver on our comitments, same in personal life (am I reliable, can I count on myself?) . A: Accountability, when you make a mistake you're willing to own it, apologize and make amends & that I can trust you to allow me to do this (do I hold myself accountable?) . V: Vault, what we share with each other will be held in confidence (mutual)...when you gossip TO someone you lose trust with that person (am I protective of my stories) . I: Integrity, choosing courage over comfort, practicing your values in non-judgment not just professing them (do I stay in my integrity, am I non-judgmental of myself) . G: Generosity, if I screw up you will make a generous assumption that there are deeper reasons for my behavior, also NO score keeping (do I give myself the benefit of the doubt am I generous with myself) 

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