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Pink Sandstone


What Your Lungs May be Trying to Tell You

Lung issues can be indicative of feeling unsupported by life. I see air as life (can't really live without it) & therefore lungs are the container that supports and holds the air making them your life support. . Are you having lung or pulmonary function issues? Ask yourself if you have the support system you need to handle life right now. . Some lung problems are obstructive so who are what is obstructing your current life path? Some lung problems are inflammatory so who or what is an irritant in your life? Some lung problems are unable to be diagnosed after multiple tests (I've been there and it's incredibly frustrating!) so where are you having trouble seeing clearly who or what is supportive and who or what is unsupportive in your life? . This is a common topic in my medical intuitive readings and it's often a bit more complicated than what I've written here but in the interest of keeping this brief I will simply say that in my experience our support system is integral to healing lung issues & sometimes it takes an objective third party to help sort things out. . Speaking of support don’t forget to support yourself! In this busy complicated world of ours that can be hard to do right? . Please let me know if I can be a helpful part of your support system today! 

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