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Saturn Opens a Can of Whoopass on the Collective!

Saturn the Lord of Karma (can we talk about how that makes Saturn the 'Sexy Beast' of planets???) is retrograde 4/29-9/19 2019 & it's malefic arse is LAUNCHING us into the next leg of our karmic journey.  . So, time to reap the rewards of what we've all been sowing. I think it's easy to say "some people are going to be sitting pretty while SOME people are going to be getting what they DESERVE (in a bad way ya know?)". . Well, I believe for the most part there's a little bad in the best of us and a little good in the worst of us soooooooo...probably we're all going to be sitting prettier than ever imagined in some ways and in other ways we're all going to have moments of face palming...cue Homer Simpson's "DOH!" now please. . No matter what the planets are doing, live your best life, strive for greatness, be kind to one another and understand if you're anything like me you will FREQUENTLY miss the mark & in those cases FORGIVE yourself and maybe be armed with a few "I'm sorry's" at the ready because with Pluto & Jupiter also retrograde things can get a little confrontational just sayin'. . ...and, at the very least, through all of this here's to being the happiest astronauts we can be! 

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