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This is my Mom ❤️

This is my Mom. If I could go back in time and give this precious little girl a hug I'd squeeze her and NEVER let go. We forget sometimes that our parents were tiny children at one time & sometimes those tiny children have a story to tell & sometimes parts of that story can be absolutely heartbreaking. If the girl in this picture offended me would I yell at her with impatience? Would I slander her to other family members? Would I shut her out and not talk to her for a week, a month or even years? Never. This little girl could never do anything to deserve such mistreatment. So, why would I ever treat my adult Mom or ANY other person for that matter in any way that doesn't involve complete unconditional love, compassion and acceptance? Human relations can be challenging and sometimes I wish we all were walking around with our elementary school pictures on a badge to remind us of the gorgeous wild innocence we all stem from. But, that's not a world we live in so instead I'll mentally come up with what I imagine is the "little you" when you're offending the "little me" & maybe I'll just invite you to go get an ice cream cone and maybe we can share a laugh about our silly human misunderstandings. I would like that. ❤️ 

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