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WHY Venus retrograde is ruining your life. *KIDDING* (but not really)

Goddess on a mountain top, making every man mad. You GOT IT! Yeah baby you GOT IT! ~Bananarama (now try to get that song out of your head I DARE you!)

WHY am I suddenly reviewing old relationships and wondering what I could have done differently to bring about different outcomes? I’m an Aquarius for Christ’s sake (even though I honestly feel Christ was more of a Pisces) and Aquarius is all about the future. I just don’t spend a lot of time pining for “what might have been” so what gives?

Welp, we have Venus in retrograde March 4th at 4:09am EST and she’s not leaving retrograde until April, 15th (2017, SEE I even care that someone in the FUTURE might be reading this and getting confused when it’s March 4th and Venus isn’t in retrograde because this blog in the future will be OLD). Where was I?

Ok, everyone thinks Venus is the planet of love and relationships but it’s so much more. In fact in conducting research for this article, one astrologer is advising NO ONE get into ANY romantic relationships for the next six weeks! What? Yeah, that isn’t the kind of astrology I’m into. I’m more into “here’s what you can expect if you do such and such during this time.”

According to my favorite Evolutionary Astrologer Tom Jacobs in his book The Soul’s Journey 1, the themes of Venus are: Values, resources, skills, self-worth, money, proving the self, relating, learning fairness, harmony and balance through relationship/partnership. You can find more from Tom by clicking here.

Mostly I just here that Venus is about love and money but Venus rules Taurus and to be honest I don’t know many Taurus’ that are wandering the streets babbling prose about the fodder of love nor do I see all Taurus’ as being “good with money” so there’s that. Venus also rules Libra which makes a little more sense since Libras tend to be obsessed with “pretty things” and tend to feel “money is no object”. Mainly, astrology is incredibly complicated so it’s hard to boil it down to such simplicities.

So, here we go!

During Venus in retrograde you can expect some of the following things. Now, remember kids, that you have your own personal chart that you’re dealing with so some of this may not apply. But, here’s my best shot at a rundown.

All that glitters while Venus is in retrograde might not be gold when she turns direct. Therefore, use caution when investing during this time. This doesn’t mean don’t open that 401k or buy that nice big house but just make sure everything is on the up and up when you do so. If the fact that the driveway is difficult to get in and out of keeps nagging at you LISTEN to that and go find a house with a circular drive!

This will be a major time of re-evaluating relationships. What’s working, what isn’t? Also, for evaluating failed relationships. What worked, what didn’t? What do I want to carry into my next relationship, what do I need to change about myself so that I can show up as a better version of me in my next relationship so that I can avoid another dalliance. Or, if a dalliance is your thing what can you do to NOT end up married??? LOL

Long acrylic nails

Feelings of jealousy and suspicion will be heightened during this period. OMG! So, literally I am so jealous of everything right now to the point where it’s nauseating. Also, Aquarius is just not jealous so what’s up with that? I’m jealous of Michelle Visage’s long ass fake nails right now as an example. The last time I got fake nails it took me all of 5 days to peel them all off by myself, which left my fingers mangled and bloody. It was unpretty. And, as far as being suspicious goes I’ve been having feelings today of “who’s for me, and who’s against me?” Which always makes me crack myself up. Like I’m Claire Underwood in House of Cards all of a sudden?

Venus has been slowly turning since January so you might have already noticed some of these feelings. Venus is also in charge of your “gut” including your intuition. If you’ve been conveniently ignoring your gut vibes for a long time Venus retrograde is here to tell you to STAHP IT!

Venus only retrogrades every 18months so my advice is always to make the most of it. Venus also indicates what we want for ourselves. What do you want? Take a look around. Look at your life for a moment kind of like a garage sale. What would you not even pay a quarter for even though it’s something that should be valuable according to others?

Look at things like:

Pretty marriage with all the “things” but void of love? Great job with all of the power and prestige but sucking your soul dry? Are you in the middle of a massive college degree program screaming “I DON’T WANNA DO THIS!” Life full of friends that suck you dry and never ask you how you are doing? Giving excessive amounts of time to family members who stew incessantly in negativity?

Are you in an exercise program that causes your joints to hurt…in a bad way? Live in a dangerous neighborhood when you can afford better? Or, live in a fancy neighborhood where no one comes out and speaks to one another when you’d like to be more involved in a community? Are you tithing to a church that preaches the judgment of things you secretly don’t have a problem with?

Only you can answer questions like these and choose those answers wisely. Get quiet, light a candle, take a salt water bath and MEDITATE on what’s working or not working for YOU. And, remember that what’s working and not working for YOU cannot be decided by someone else!

If you’d like some guidance, MARCH FORTH (see what I did there?) & book a reading today at

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