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It's a beautiful Saturday for the Tower card LOL!

Gyah, I just LOVE when I do my weekly spread for myself and it kicks off with the tower. This week's deck is The Illuminati Tarot which I got for my birthday. I'm reading the book for each card in my never ending desire to gain more knowledge of the tarot by hearing someone else's take on this beautiful ancient tradition. This take on the Tower actually brought tears to my eyes and stilled my foreboding as I know I am constantly striving towards greater personal growth:

"you worked so hard to build so high, to construct great walls and create beautiful things. You attached yourself to them, considering them to be extensions of your self, your personality, your ego... That was your mistake: in the end everything must be destroyed. If you build false towers and unstable foundations your buildings will crumble to dust. Everything you ever strived for, everything you showed to the world as you must be destroyed: only when all sense of your ego and attachment has been cut away can you receive illumination. For years you have looked out at the world from tiny windows, protected behind the mask of bricks and mortar; for too long you have nown your "self". All knowledge up until now is false; the more you cling to it, the harder it will be to let go and move on. It is time for illumination and, since you have made it so hard for revelation to come to you, you must now face the lightning strike. It will destroy everything you have surrounded yourself with to get to you, and when it does, you shall fall. Nothing can be left over from this, no mercy given. You will be liberated from that tower, and as you fall you shall be able once again to see the stars that you have missed so long."

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