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Feelin' (& sharin') the L O V E !

Yesterday a client said "The main thing you give me is hope that I can change for the better." I was taken aback. It brought my attention to the fact that there was a time I thought I couldn't change for the better as well. So, I offer ANYONE reading this now, you can always always always change for the better.

The moment this woman walked into my home I was excited to have such a wonderful powerful soul in my presence. I am always shocked when clients are doubtful because their beautiful gifts are just so immediately obvious to me. They often come to me seeking guidance because they've somehow forgotten their knowing.

I'm so very grateful to be helping people in this manner for in every single reading I'm the one who is truly blessed because my clients are all just mirrors for my own soul. They show me so many different ways of being & they give me a thousand ideas about how to improve my own life.

If they only knew. Perhaps one day they will.


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