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Cupcake Karma, Donut Drama & the Leo full moon with eclipse

While watching an amazing youtube video of Caroline Myss explaining the chakra system (with horrible sound quality from the early 90's but PLEASE give it a chance it's brilliant & you can watch it HERE). Caroline states that we've become a culture of wound bonding and here's the problem with becoming fully healed.

A person comes to you and says "you know, when I was younger my parents never bought me enough cupcakes" and what do you do? You dig down deep for a similar wound, not a bigger one because you don't want to overwhelm them but a similar one and you say "You KNOW WHAT? Omg! My parents never bought me enough donuts!" and now you've forged a wound bond.

Now, whenever that person has a "cupcake flashback" they know they can call you and you will drop everything to help them because you sometimes need the same thing when you have a "donut triggering moment".

There's a significant amount of security in holding onto that cupcake wound. Who would you be without it? It's a terrifying question, and finding the answer to that question could land you somewhere wholly healed.

This Leo full moon and eclipse are calling us to ditch ideas and beliefs that no longer serve our greater good so maybe take your inner child to Krispy Kreme on your way to your star gazing destination tonight and step into the beautiful reality of the divinity you deep down really really know you are!

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