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Evolutionary Astrology Readings, Tarot Readings & Psychic Intuitive Mediumship

Welcome to New Moon Astro and welcome to my FIRST blog on my NEW website! My name is Jami and I am a psychic intuitive medium and evolutionary astrologer. I aim only to be helpful as I use my intuitive psychic & mediumship (connecting to loved ones and spirit guides on the other side) abilities to guide you along your journey of expansion & awakening. Readings are conducted in person but can also be done over the phone, facetime or via Skype (local or long distance) & are just as powerful when conducted that way.

I've been reading tarot cards since age 14 with a focus on traditional tarot card symbolism. Beginning in year 2016 I began studying under several psychic mediums to further develop the ability to use the tarot as more of a psychic intuitive mediumship tool. I've found the combination of extensive knowledge of traditional tarot symbolism with psychic intuitive understanding allows my clients to receive maximum benefit from their sessions.

Also, beginning in 2016 I began studying under a prominent evolutionary astrologer. While evolutionary astrology readings are a separate service that I offer many do not understand the strong connection between tarot symbolism and astrology. I've found that combining my extensive understanding of astrology with my tarot readings can be quite powerful.

What kind of year was 2016 for you? Do you believe 2017 and every year after that can be better? Do you tell yourself every December that NEXT year will be your year only to find the following December that hasn't been the case? Do you seem to repeatedly bump up against the same types of circumstances just with different names? Curious about how to live life to the fullest with exponentially different results? Contact me now for a New Year reading!

I look forward to using my psychic intuitive abilities to gain access to your own personal intuition. The metaphysical realm can seem quite ominous and even dark to some but I don't see it that way. One of my special talents is a warm sense of humor and I aim always to bring a lightness of being to my clients. Frequently the answers are already inside of you but in today's complicated world we often need help from a place of objectivity and I can provide that objectivity.

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